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Daily Quilt Giveaway – Mar 13

See our gallery of winners!

All this year, we are drawing for one featured quilt each day, that you can pay forward to a service group or someone in need. In our daily posts there will be a link to enter. One entry per person per day. If you win and wish to donate $10 toward shipping, we will include 10 pattern cards–a $20 value!

0312 pristine splash

PRISTINE Splash 45″x48″


PRISTINE is EDEN ROSE with some spacers.  And the rows are jogged so we don’t have to match up seams.  I like the little lattice spacers–they add some breathing room for the fabric.   I used the Splash 10″ square pack given to us by Hoffman Fabrics.  All I had to do was cut the squares exactly in half vertically, and I had 2 quilts.







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