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Daily Quilt Giveaway – Jun 2

See our gallery of winners!

All this year, we are drawing for one featured quilt each day, that you can pay forward to a service group or someone in need. In our daily posts there will be a link to enter. One entry per person per day. If you win and wish to donate $10 toward shipping, we will include 10 pattern cards–a $20 value!

0602 charismatic leftovers

CHARISMATIC Leftovers 45″x 45″


When I made the original CHARISMATIC quilt, I was working with a lovely bundle of 20 fat quarters of Amy Butler.  Even though I only needed 16 to make the right size, I made up the extra 2 pairs.  Then I could make my choice of favorites for the cover quilt.  These here were so pretty, but didn’t make the cut.

After being inspired to do even more service quilting after a guild meeting the other night, I came home and wanted to sew.  I grabbed these off a shelf and played with making them into rows.  I found a good burgundy in my mom’s stash, as well as a back.  So a day later, I have a quilt–and used up leftover blocks, 3 pieces of fabric from Mom’s stash, and 3 scraps of batting pieced together.

This makes me so happy.  I love using up–clearing a tiny bit of space in the mess that is my workroom.  I love how the colors came together with what was lying around.  I love the quilt.  And we just might have a new 4 Fat Quarter pattern.





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