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Daily Quilt Giveaway – Mar 13

The Daily Quilt Giveaway is taking a month-long break while Pat is on the road to QuiltCon in Nashville.  We’ll post chronicles of the adventures and share some ideas that come along.

To keep a Daily Giveaway going during this time, we’ll draw for 10 quilt patterns per day.  That should just about cover a month, since we have around 300 patterns.  We’ll march down the alphabet, and give away 10 different patterns each day.  This will be a great opportunity to re-visit some patterns and get some new project ideas.






One thought on “Daily Quilt Giveaway – Mar 13

  1. I was a winner of pattern cards a few days ago. Yesterday I went to the Villa Rosa Shop, Wow, what a lot of fabric. Thank you for these posts.


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