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New January 2023 VRD Rose Card Patterns and VRD Fast & Fun Blog Hop Update

Hello Quilty Friends!

Happy Thursday to you!

It’s my favorite Thursday of the month — the Thursday after the first Friday of the month. That means it’s time to brag up our NEW January 2023 Rose Card patterns! Yay!

I just love sharing all the creativity our family of designers come up with each month. Even though I’ve been designing patterns for VRD since 2017, it still blows my mind that each and every month Villa Rosa Designs puts out 5 new regular patterns and at least 1 new table runner pattern. What other pattern company puts out over 60 new patterns a year? And has a catalog of more than 500 patterns on top of that?

Who’s crazy enough to do all that????


Okay, okay, let’s see the new January patterns! Finally!

Here they are! Aren’t they great?

Bella Vista is a horizontal panel pattern.

Diamond Daze uses fat quarters.

Petit Fours is 5″ square friendly.

Piccadilly uses 2 1/2″ strips.

Tradewinds uses a focal or novelty print with an ombre.

You can get all 5 patterns for the low low price of $8.95 HERE. Remember, free shipping in the USA and International orders are for the digital set of cards.

We have kits too, so click on the pattern names above to check kit availability for each pattern.

Our new Table Runner Rose Card is Blizzard. Who doesn’t love classic blue and white???

You can purchase the pattern or check to see if the kit is still available HERE.

If you aren’t getting your VRD Rose Card patterns delivered right to your mailbox each month (snail mail or digital), you really need to join one of our Monthly Pattern Clubs! You can do the regular 5 patterns or the 5 patterns + table runners. You choose!

To register for the regular Pattern Club, go HERE.

To register for Pattern Club + Table Runners, go HERE.

Now that you’re hyped about our newest patterns like I am, let’s talk about our VRD Blog Hop January 19-26 — that means it starts next week! Yippee!

UPDATE: Villa Rosa Designs Fast & Fun Blog Hop January 19-26

I can’t believe that the Blog Hop is next week! This is going to be SEW MUCH FUN!

Are you ready to see great quilts using our special Blog Hop Collection Rose Card patterns?

Are you ready to register for loads of great prizes??

Are you ready to shake off the winter blahs???


We are so excited here at VRD and we hope that you are getting excited for the Blog Hop next week, too.

We are incredibly fortunate to have the COOLEST bloggers out there in the blogosphere, participating in our blog hop! You can check out their blogs below:

Prizes for giveaways are coming in daily. Here’s sneak peak!

From Timeless Treasures:

From The Gypsy Quilter and Creative Grids:

From Moda:

From Hoffman California Fabrics:

While I snapped pictures of goodies, my furbaby Griffin decided to investigate. He likes to think he’s the Inspector General. LOL! Silly Griffy!

Here are some of the other prizes that will be given away:

Electric Quilt is giving away a copy of Electric Quilt 8! Wow!

The Quilts of Valor Foundation will be giving away copies of their latest books! Woohoo!

Villa Rosa Designs will be giving away sets of our 2023 Blog Hop Collection Rose Card patterns! Cool Beans!

The Orphan Quilter (moi) will be giving away signed copies of books. Neat-o!

But wait! There’s more!

Many of our bloggers will be offering giveaways of their own in addition to the sponsor prizes on their blogs too — from t-shirts to charm squares to panels to books — OH MY!

There will also be 2 big Prize Packs filled with lots of quilting goodies to giveaway, too!!

Thanks to our awesome sponsors! This Blog Hop wouldn’t be happening without you!











Stay tuned for the beginning of the week when I do a special blog post all about the Blog Hop with the Blog Hop Schedule.

And then all the Blogworthy FUN starts RIGHT HERE at Villa Rosa Quilts on Thursday, January 19th.

Get ready for an awesome Blog Hop!

Don’t forget to tell all your quilty friends so they can join in the fun, too!

Until next Thursday —

Sew. Laugh. Repeat.


Tricia @VRD

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Let’s Design a Quilt Together — A Peek into My Quilt Design Process

Hello Quilty Friends!

It’s Thursday again! Here’s hoping your week has been going well. Mine has been good and fast — just the way I love my quilt projects to be! LOL!

A lot of people ask about my design process so I thought I’d tell you a little bit about my process. Keep in mind that all designers have their own way of doing things and this post is only about my process.

Sometimes it’s like I eat, sleep, and breathe quilts and quilting! Not only do I read/flip through quilt books and magazines, I also look online for new trends. I talk to my quilt friends about what they are doing. I teach a quilt class once a month. I design patterns, write instructions, make quilts, take photos of quilts. I look at and get inspired by fabric. I jot down ideas and even do rough sketches of quilt blocks (which I promptly lose most of the time). I have even been known to wake up in the middle of the night with a new idea for a quilt. Whew!

Inspiration comes in a lot of different forms for me. Sometimes I see a fabric or collection and an idea pops into my head. Sometimes I start with a favorite quilt block and a quilt develops out of that. I have quite a few quilt block references that I use for ideas. Here are a few books in my library:

The first 2 books are by Barbara Brackman. The one on the left is the first edition of the 2nd book and is out of print and can be hard to find. I have both of them and love them both. The newer edition has even more blocks in it than the first edition! Barbara Brackman is one of the most renowned quilt historians of our time! You can visit her blog, Material Culture, HERE.

I also have Barbara Brackman’s software program, Blockbase, which works with Electric Quilt. You can find Blockbase HERE.

The third book, 5500 Quilt Block Designs, is by well-known quilter and author Maggie Malone. I have only known about this book since 2021 when a friend of mine showed it to me and I was so impressed, I had to grab a copy for myself. This book is out of print so it can be harder to find as well.

I have talked about Electric Quilt software before in an earlier post, but I want to mention it again here because I really couldn’t design quilts without it! Some designers sit down with a ruler and graph paper to draft quilt patterns, but I am an Electric Quilt user because it makes designing quilts a lot easier for me. You can find Electric Quilt 8 (EQ8) software HERE.

If you are interested in designing your own quilts, I totally recommend EQ8 if you’re into computers. If you’re not into computers, graph paper and a ruler might be your new BFF.

Once I get an idea, it’s time to play — which usually means I head to my computer and EQ8. I play with blocks, try different color combinations, download different fabrics to try all before I actually make anything at all. Some designers start by making the project and then work backwards to create the pattern and instructions. I do my designing on my computer and then make the project once I know what I am going to do. At least this is what I do probably 99% of the time. That’s one of the fun things about being a designer — I can try different ways of doing things. They don’t always work out for me, but that’s okay, there’s always another way to try.

Let me show you an example of my design process. For this example, I’m gong to start with my favorite quilt block, the Shoo Fly block.

When I am starting with the quilt design before I select the actual fabrics, I usually design in red, black, white, and grey. I don’t know exactly why I do that, but I think it probably has to do with the high contrast so I get a good sense of the pattern before I add actual fabric.

So, let’s make a wall quilt using 4 Shoo Fly blocks. It will look something like this:

Hmmmmm. This doesn’t really excite me. How about you? Let’s tweak it a little bit and see what happens next. We’ll add a bit more color, too.

Okay, this is better, don’t you think? By adding a sashing between the blocks, I was able to put another Shoo Fly block in the center. I changed the colors of the larger blocks to black and grey with the smaller center Shoo Fly block in red. It definitely has a lot more interest, doesn’t it? But it’s not quite there. Let’s tweak it a little bit more, shall we?

Now we’re getting somewhere! I got rid of the grey and went with plain black. Then I added 2 narrow blocky borders so I could continue to build out with more Shoo Fly blocks. Now I think we need a border.

Yay! A finished quilt design. I added an outer plain black border and a red binding. Pretty zippy, isn’t it? Now we’re gong to add some real fabric to the design.

Here are 3 different versions of our Shoo Fly quilt using Hoffman’s Paisley in Love batik collection. Of the 3, I think the last one with the white background is my favorite. I like the contrast, but I think I need to do a little more tweaking with the design, so back to the drawing board (or EQ8).

What are your thoughts? How would you improve this design? Any ideas?

Well, I hope you enjoyed a peek into my design process. Who knows? You might see this design as a VRD Rose Card some day.

Until next Thursday —

Sew. Laugh. Repeat.


Tricia @VRD