First blog post –

– of this new web journal.  It is time to document all of my quilting with Villa Rosa patterns, and show off all of the wonderful quilts you all are making.  And yes, a little advertising for the family businesses will be thrown in.

Let’s see how well I can keep this daily journal, plus add some tutorials, and look books of our fabric company samples.  But best of all, I plan to create galleries of quilts made with our patterns.   With luck and a little help,  it will even be organized in an easy-to-search format.

So even though I am on vacation (a word that really doesn’t exist in my vocabulary) with my kids in Minnesota, here we go.

Jessica has a new TOWER BRIDGE featured on her website.  Kaffe Collective fabrics are our favorites, and they are beautiful every time we make them up in our patterns.  The saturated colors never fail to give us the light/dark contrast needed to make this simple barn raising pattern shine.  Can you find You Can Can?

170811 tower bridge kaffe

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