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Getting Organized for 2023 and a VRD Quilt Blog Hop!

Hello Quilty Friends!

Happy Thursday to you!

Here we are, wrapping up the year 2022. Already. Can you believe it? That’s really hard for me to wrap my head around!

How about you? Are you ready for a whole new year?

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I used to write New Year’s Resolutions at the end of each year, but like most people, after a couple months, those Resolutions just didn’t resonate with me anymore and I failed more often than I succeeded. And each year, I would repeat the same process with the same results.

Somehow I stumbled onto the idea to write GOALS, not Resolutions.

Aha! Just a different word choice, but the same thing, you might think. But there is a big difference.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, a Resolution is a firm decision to do or not to do something.

A Goal on the other hand is defined as the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

Same general idea, but Resolutions and Goals really are different things.

So now I write down a list of Goals for each new year (PSST! I love writing lists! My sister, Tracy, knows this and gave me a list-making journal for Christmas. LOL!). For me, Resolutions just end in failure and why should I set myself up for failure when Goals are a more positive concept — goals in sports, anyone!?! — and feel more attainable to me. I have also discovered that Goals can change or morph into new Goals, they can have multiple components to accomplish, a series of steps to complete in a specific order or not, and I can even — gasp! — add, subtract, or refine Goals throughout the year.

Goals are definitely more valuable to me than Resolutions.

Do you do New Year’s Resolutions or Goals?

One of my biggest Goals every year is to Get Organized. It is certainly an ongoing project for me (as in ongoing for years…). Maybe this is one of yours too?

Something I’ve found out in the last couple years about myself is that keeping a planner/journal/calendar helps me to organize my goals, my thoughts, appointments, tasks, and more. Writing things down helps me to see my progress over time, plan what steps I need to do next, and even to change directions if I need to.

I am such a believer in planners/journals/calendars that — Big Surprise! — I even designed one, which incorporates blank weekly and monthly grids so people can start it whenever it’s convenient AND it’s a Block of the Month project too! Woo-hoo! Talk about multi-tasking — keep yourself organized and make a quilt one block at a time for a whole year!

It’s called the Blue Moon Block of the Month Quilter’s Planner and you can find it HERE.

I guess you could consider my planner my main tool for getting organized. Maybe 2023 will be my best organized year yet!

How do you approach getting organized? I can always use more tips!

Speaking of organization, recently I’ve been seeing some posts on our VRD Facebook pages about organizing Rose Cards. I know we’ve talked about this before — you can revisit the posts HERE and HERE. With over 500 patterns in our catalog with more added every month, we hope to offer some kind of storage option for your Rose Cards in the future.

What would you like to see? What kind of storage options for your Rose Cards would you be interested in? What do you need to keep your Rose Cards organized?

We’ve got a lot of new fun stuff coming in 2023 here at Villa Rosa Designs (not sure if some kind of Rose Card organizational tool will be one of them though) and I’m sew sew excited to tell you about the very first one coming in January — our very first Villa Rosa Designs Blog Hop!

VRD Blog Hop

What’s a Blog Hop? It’s a group of bloggers who write about a specific topic or theme. The participating bloggers write and share their posts during a specific period of time. During the blog hop, people can read the posts each day of the hop and register for prizes. YES! I said prizes! It’s a lot like a quilt shop hop, but you hop from blog to blog instead of store to store.

Our blog hop will be January 19-26, 2023 and we have a great group of participants who will be telling you all about their Fast & Fun VRD projects. We will also be offering a special Blog Hop Rose Card Collection.

Mark your calendars for January 19-26 and stay tuned for more about the Blog Hop next week.

Looking Ahead to 2023

What would you like to see in 2023 at Villa Rosa Designs? Ideas? Products? Are there new types of patterns you’d like to see that we aren’t already creating?

We always welcome your thoughts and feedback. Feel free to leave a comment on this post or email me at

Thank you, dear friends, for your support and enthusiasm for Villa Rosa Designs during 2022. We couldn’t do what we do without you and we are looking forward to a New Year filled with exciting new Rose Cards and more.

Stay safe and warm as you celebrate the New Year.

Until next Thursday —

Sew. Laugh. Repeat.


Tricia @VRD

6 thoughts on “Getting Organized for 2023 and a VRD Quilt Blog Hop!

  1. Happy New Year to you too. Looking forward to the Blog Hop. I store my Villa Rosa cards in acid free photo pages that have 4″X6″ slots.


  2. I organize my patterns by what it takes to make the quilt. For instance, I have a stack of patterns that call for charm squares. Another one for 10in. squares, and another for jelly rolls and one for fat quarters, and then one for yardage. When I buy a pattern, it will go in the appropriate holder. When I am ready to make something I make a match with the pattern and material required to make it.


  3. For Rose Cards: something with clear slots (like small page protectors) to put the cards into, two at a time (back sides facing in) so you could flip through to easily find the card you’re looking for. But … there are so many cards in my collection already, it would end up being very thick. I presently keep mine in a fabric pouch that I made especially for my Rose Card collection.


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