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Playing with PRISTINE –

– one of my early patterns using a family favorite “Slice” 5″ x 10″.  The slices can be cut in many different ways.  The first quilt was made by cutting 4 each from our Fresh Cuts–fat sixths 12″ x 22″.  We usually pack and sell them 10 in a bundle.  The second was made from sample cuts of all of the pieces from a collection–Tula Pink’s Fox Field in this case.  The third was made by cutting a pack of 10″ squares in half vertically to yield the 40 needed for this pattern.  And I used the other 40 Slices for another quilt–I think I made EDEN ROSE.  The last was made from a Fresh Cut bundle again, sometime ago, from a beautiful Laura Gunn Collection.

I have made all of these here from collections.  The spacers sewn between the Slices give some nice breathing room to show off the prints in a collection.  But this pattern would always look good in scraps.  In fact, I cut most of my scraps into 5″ x 9 1/2″ pieces.  So this pattern works well for those. The 1/2″ difference doesn’t matter–I just cut the Spacers 1/2″ shorter.

This first quilt is made from The Wordsmith by Janet Clare for Moda.  We have just a few kits left as of this writing.

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